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#6193 - samantha placed a hand on each girl tit and slowly rubbed them, they all talked laughed and kissed, lisa and kim stood at the doorway, with lisa slightly behind, kim watching thier friends becoming more intamate, as they did lisa put her hand down under kims ass to her pussy and pushed her finger inside and began to slowly pleasure her daughter, kim breathed heavily as she felt her mothers finger pumping inside her, no one had noticed and kim wasnt sure how they would react to a mother figering her daughter, but she threw caution to the wind, turned to face lisa kissed her and rubbed her pussy, the three other women looked on getting turned on by what they saw, soon the thre were kissing and rubbing each others cunts too, the door bell rang again, and again kim and lisa went to answer it, sky was greeted by the naked mother daughter team, kim had a hand on lisas massive tit, using her finger to circle lisas nipple, lisa introduced sky to kim, the pair shared a long passionate kiss, the

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