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#221749 - He held his knife against her cheek, its phallic form cold and menacing, crudely reminding Cathy of his power over her. Unable to look away, she stared up at his face as he tortured her nipples further, cruelly twisting them until he drew tears from Cathy’s eyes. Trapped between the Arab unyielding cock and the equally unyielding cave wall, she could only lie there and scream as she felt his cock force its way inside her.

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Seras victoria
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Setsuna tokage
Ik theres alot of these but this really is the only safe place i feel i can share my feelings i hate myself so much ik its wrong but im so jealous of everyone of how handsome they are and pretty its so fucking unfair that im stuck looking like this for the rest of my life i hate it so much i cant take it anymore i dont feel like doing anything anymore whats the point in anything if im just ugly anyway
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Honoka kosaka
Ts is so fucking hot my clit is sore rubbing it so much to this vid